God do you look evil

February 19, 2009


Mom and Dad is it a boy or a girl?

You know, I could really do without Funhouse. Oddly enough, I don’t have any live version of it, just the studio cut, and 2 different quality demo versions. I used to be able to deal with it, and now I can’t stand it. Actually the demo version isn’t bad, because the lyrics are easier to understand, and its shorter. The 5 minute demo version has a more epic ending to it as well. The drums are crazier sounding. I mean I can dig on the slowcore, but when you have a 14 minute epic like MOTHER, you don’t really need anything else. To me, Funhouse would be a lot more fitting on the Bridge LP. To me that LP sums up the eeriness (what?) of Red House Painters. Evil with its almost inaudible guitar at the start with the laugh and then you just hear the cymbal, and Marks vocals coming in which sound like they’re coming out of the speakers right at you is a great way to open it up. The production of Bridge is also a lot brighter sounding which, to me, only makes it sound stranger, dare i say creepy. To me, its the toughest of their records to get into but the most rewarding after, if only for Uncle Joe (Unkle Jo). Like Medicine Bottle it has some of the best and worst lines written by Mark Kozelek. I remember hearing the first line “Where have all the people gone in my life” and getting chills. That was a song where I played it again and again and again on repeat. Sadly though he sings:

“it was unintentional
when i spit in your beer
i am over influenced
by movies”

That line kind of sucks. Helicopter is a song that I listen to but never pay attention, but if you look at the lyrics its up there for overall sad.

“be mine for a day
let your lids shut out that bad focus
to die in a storm
holding you in my last hour
our burning flesh will blow over
some nightmare sea”


I had more to write, then I went out for Snack Attack. My mom and I went out for Mexican and it was good. I miss my girl. Durrrrrr

Mom and Dad is it a he or a she?


The Day You’re Mine

February 17, 2009


What seems like an almost essential for every great golden age hip hop record is The Slow Jam. A beat with a groove so slow and sultry (sultry? ugh) that it is only fitting for it to be a love song but allowed to be about lost love. The question is, when this song comes on do you move the needle and skip the track? The answer should be no, you should listen to it for the overall cheese. I think the first one I really heard was The Day You’re Mine by Big Daddy Kane off Long Live the Kane. I remember reading a magazine and thinking “man the beat is so good, this song is fuckin long”. Sometimes you can have a love song that doesn’t have a slow jam to back it, like Somebody for Me by Heavy D, which is a good song but doesn’t fit the formula of the slow jam. These are the kind of songs where you’re almost embarrassed to listen to them but I bet when they came out people dug on this like Christians dig on God. I mean I’m a sap to the max, but even this can be too much for me, but it doesn’t mean I won’t listen.

This formula was definitely challenged by comedy act rap group NO FACE. If you’ve ever listened to Wake Your Daughter Up, it should make you laugh over how pissed these guys sound over fake hair wearin bitches. Their slow jam, “Spanish Fly” is explicit as fuck. Instead of suggesting a session of lovemaking they tell you exactly how its gonna go down and don’t hold back. You listen to No Face to laugh and to hear the beats that are candy to your ears. Its almost a waste sometime because the lyrical content kind of discredits them just a bit. If you buy me the record though, I’ll bump it on and on to the break of dawn.

I’m gonna pick my top 5 or 7 essential slow jams that you should listen to when you’re feeling miserable and hopefully it has the WPUK effect and you want to die. And keep in mind this is only restricted to hip hop artists, we’re not gonna throw New Jack Swing legend Keith Sweat into the mix because his profression was to slow jam your ass for 40 minutes.

1.) The Day You’re Mine – Big Daddy Kane (Found on Long Live the Kane) First one I can really remember so its got the reserved spot.

2.) To Be Your Man – Big Daddy Kane (Found on It’s a Big Daddy Thing) Big Daddy Kane is a self proclaimed ladies man, and he was in that sex book with Madonna and in playgirl. Leave a comment if you want a link to the pictures (I’m so sad I know where you can see them, I blame google images without safe search)

3.) Private Symphony – Maestro Fresh Wes (Found on Symphony In Effect) Fresh Wes, gottttta have Canadian Content. The closest thing we ever got to a hybrid of BDK and Rakim.

4.) Crush – Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock (Found on It Takes Two) Love lost, no delayin’.

5.) Around the Way Girl – LL Cool J (Found on Mama Said Knock You Out) LL Cool J always struck me as the ultimate gift to the ladies when it comes that whole golden age game. He’s like that deodorant: Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

Honorable Mention

Shakiyla – Poor Righteous Teachers (Found on Holy Intellect) The song that tells you about a woman who is a woman. Do you think they still hate white people?

She Knows What She Wants – Gang Starr (Found on Moment of Truth) I really love Gang Starr.

Sweet Thing – Kwame (Found on The Boy Genius Featuring The New Beginning) Did Biggie Smalls totally ruin this guys rep?

Anyways, I’m on my reading week. I’m catching up on movies, and my girlfriend (yeah guy) is away in Mississippi doing what the first Insted 7″ only makes claim to.


February 2, 2009

I felt like making a quick post but i didn’t really want to drop red house science today. So i snapped a couple shots of some recent records i got, dating back about a month.


In the photo you can see:
Youth of Today – Break Down The Walls (Wishingwell, 1st press)
Nice and Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow 12″
Nice and Smooth – Cake and Eat it Too 12″
Brand Nubian – Brand Nubian/Feels So Good 12″
The Smiths – Stop Me if you Think you’ve Heard this One Before 12″ (German Press, White Vinyl)


Pete Rock and CL Smooth – Mecca and the Soul Brother (2xLP)
Pete Rock and CL Smooth – All Souled Out EP
Pete Rock and CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y 12″
Superlover Cee and Casanova Rud – Girls I Got Em Locked LP (huge score)
Ed O.G and Da Bulldogs – Life of a Kid in the Ghetto (great album, contains a serious hit about bad fathers)

All of em play real well too. Big ups to Laforge for sitting through hearing cake and it eat too 3 times, same with sometimes i rhyme slow. At least he knows now not to have his picnic down by the cake.

Also, here is a picture of my New Order Collection:


New Order- Bizarre Love Triangle
New Order- Blue Monday (1983)
New Order- Blue Monday 88
New Order- Brotherhood
New Order- Ceremony
New Order- Confusion
New Order- Fine Time
New Order- Fine Time (Remixes)
New Order- Low Life
New Order- Movement
New Order- Murder
New Order- Perfect Kiss
New Order- Power, Corruption, & Lies
New Order- Round & Round
New Order- Shellshock
New Order- State of the Nation
New Order- Substance (2xLP)
New Order- Technique
New Order- Thieves Like Us
New Order- Touched By The Hand Of God
New Order- True Faith

I still need to pick up a couple of the 12″s I am missing. Anyone want to help?

Now for a hip hop fun fact:
On the Life of a Kid… LP, the following hip hop samples can be found:
Ain’t no Half Steppin’ – Big Daddy Kane
The moment I Feared – Slick Rick
The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
Biz Markie – Vapors

Next update I will break down the different Biz Markie samples found on The Main Ingredient by Pete Rock and CL Smooth… still need that LP too.