Post-Game Career on Lock

December 15, 2009

I don’t talk much about my deep rooted admiration for football on this blog because most people who read don’t like to watch sports because their peers will look down on them for it. Its the price you pay to like music that is terrible.

Anyway, I watch football, and I read football blogs, and I listen to Football Podcasts. I watch sportscasters when I can talk about football. I have a broncos t shirt, and a colts t shirt that is a bit too large that I tuck in a la Mike the Mosher, but I make a point of not leaving my house when I do so. The fact of the matter is, I love Peyton Manning. I’ve made a point of following his career closely since I got myself back into the game a few years back after being jaded over the departure of John Elway from the game for way too long. While some people don’t believe, Peyton Manning is the best Quarterback in the game right now, and has been for a while. Not to mention, I am positive he is the nicest guy you could ever meet.

You’d think being a game and a bit away from having an NFL career stat of 50,000 Yards in passing, having a 90+ rating ever year for the past 10, topping Unitas in a franchise record, being the only QB with at least 12 wins as a starter in 7 consecutive seasons, having the most 300+ passing yard games in career and seasonal (speaking within the confines of the franchise) and so on and so on would leave a man like him with a bit of an ego. You’re wrong. I’ve never met him but based on interviews and press conferences he seems too humble for his own good. But we all know, those kind of things are watered down by team pressure and press agents. But if we look at Manning’s commercial career, we can use simple Syllogism to draw a rough conclusion:

If Peyton Manning plays a nice guy on T.V, and commercials are Gospel, we can assume Peyton Manning is the nicest guy alive.

You need proof.

If more people were like him, and gave words of encouragement after mistakes, there would be less suicides. Maybe not, because people would still hang themselves after listening to Xasthur records.

Going on the same theory, can we conclude that Tom Brady is the worst person alive because he does snickers commercials, and ad’s for cologne? Answer: Yes. Not to mention, if you take away Randy Moss, hes a run of the mill QB, and his QB rating is lower than Peyton Manning’s. If you need further convincing, Peyton Manning writes to retired football athlete’s congratulating them on great careers and all of their achievements. Talk about being a fan boy. He is just like me writing an email to Mike Kinsella when I was 16 and getting a short dickhead response back.

I want to give an honorable runner up mention to Brett Favre. Brett Favre is Football. Talk about someone who just wants to play. After his long successful tenure with the Packers, he had his brief stint on the Jets, and people thought he would finally give up. When it came out that he would be suiting up in Minnesota this year, people had their doubts. The train to hop on this year was the hating on Brett Favre, because he doesn’t have that skill anymore. For someone who doesn’t have that skill, hes scraping along I suppose with a “measly” 11 Wins – 2 Losses year, with 3000+ yards under his belt, and his chances of having a successful post-football career in the world of commercials is hopeful:

Not being afraid to put your flaws on display. A+

Maybe theres a rigorous screening process to find the suitable candidates for something like this. I mean, we never saw Plaxico in commercials. Now he is in jail. Just food for thought. I want to take you back twenty years ago, to a great commercial, thought lost forever. I was too young for it back then:

And then his wife filed for divorce and he made this commercial not too long after. Maybe days or so after:

Knowing that, the commercial hits you a bit harder. You feel it, that’s pain.

Anyway, we roll on near the end of the season. With only a few games before playoff’s, we can keep our fingers crossed that the Superbowl will be The Saints and The Colts. As long as the chargers choke as usual, and Denver can at least squeeze in on the Wild Card tip, I will have had a good year. A good year in the realm of football at least.

Lastly, my favourite:


2 Responses to “Post-Game Career on Lock”

  1. megh Says:

    if my mom read your blog she’d be stoked. she spends her spare time youtubing videos of her boyfriend peyton. her favourite is him on snl throwing footballs at kids. also there is a video of him at a springsteen concert. also you’re just mad that the broncos choked and chargers are doing well. with their win on sunday, the colts are the first team to have 22 regular season wins in a row i think. or maybe it’s just a team record. more football posts.

  2. Denice Says:

    Have you seen Terry Tate’s Reebok commercial? kind of hilarious.

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